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Could a 'Synthetic Tree' Be Better than the Real Thing?

In an ongoing effort to lower our level of carbon emissions, Columbia University scientists are looking to God for answers. While the 'Synthetic Tree' doesn't look anything like the oak or poplar in our back yard, it performs the same function -- maybe even better than the real thing, too.

Professor Klaus Lackner told CNN that the 'Synthetic Tree' could be capable of capturing carbon 1,000 times faster than a living tree. Here's how it works: plastic 'leaves' direct wind into chambers, where carbon is trapped, converted into liquid carbon dioxide and stored. Lackner is writing a proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy for consideration, and he says that the technology is cost-effective.

The 'Synthetic Tree' isn't even close to production stage yet, and we wonder where Lackner proposes all these 'stations' would be placed. Judging by the sketch, the design doesn't exactly blend into the environment, and we imagine many folks would cry foul when they saw this out their window. While green gadgets are all the buzz, we'll wait and see how this idea pans out. [From CNN]

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