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T-Mobile Announces the myTouch 3G

Today, T-Mobile is announcing the Android-powered myTouch 3G smartphone, the followup to the G1, released less than a year ago.

Aside from a sleeker case design, the biggest change we're seeing is that the new HTC-designed phone foregoes a physical keyboard for a virtual one, like the iPhone or BlackBerry Storm. The 3.2" touch-screen phone packs a 3.2-megapixel camera, 4 gigabytes of microSD memory, and video recording (and uploading) capabilities.

Like the G1, the myTouch 3G lets you access data via Wi-Fi and T-Mobile's 3G networks. On the e-mail front, the phone supports Exchange (essential for business users), and you can also use standard e-mail services like Gmail and POP3/IMAP. T-Mobile also discussed Sherpa, a personalization engine that appears to automatically customize the phone's interface to your habits as well as provide recommendations for local businesses, restaurants, and more. No word yet on how this works or what it looks like.

With the recent release of the Palm Pre and Apple's iPhone 3G S, the smartphone space is increasingly competitive. Since developers have been creating applications for Android for close to a year now -- the G1 launched with few mobile apps -- it will be interesting to see if the second "Google phone" can put up a fight.

The myTouch 3G will be available for pre-order on July 8th for current T-Mobile customers. Price? $199.99 (with a two-year agreement).

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