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Maria Sharapova Models Cell Phone-Enabled 'Light Up' Dress

Just yesterday, Maria Sharapova, a tennis star known for her beauty as well as her overhand, donned a dress that really lit up the room -- whenever her cell phone rang, that is.

Posed in the display window of London's upscale department store Liberty, the former Wimbledon champion and current ambassador to Sony Ericsson modeled the high-tech prototype, which connects to the wearer's cell phone via Bluetooth technology and lights up when the phone rings.

Georgie Davies, a student at London College of Fashion, designed the knee-length, short-sleeve dress as part of a school project exploring the fusion of technology and fashion, according to PR-Inside. On her inspiration for the dress, Davies told Reuters, "When you're in a pub or a bar, you can never, ever hear your phone."

The Bluetooth-enabled lights exist in a group of small, white translucent scale embellishments that run down one side of the dress from the shoulder to the hip. When the wearer's cell phone rings, the scales light up. No word yet on whether the dress will ever hit the market. It's no USB necktie, but then again, what is?

Check out more images of the dress below, and don't miss our gallery of other examples of tech fashion. [From:PR-Inside, Reuters].

Sharapova Models 'Light Up' Dress

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