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Morning Xtra: Weird Al is Back with 'Craigslist,' Twitter Down Time Scheduled

'Weird Al' Yankovic Hits Us With 'Craigslist'
What's the best way to follow up the overwhelming amount of press Craigslist received from the whole murder/prostitution scandal? How about a new 'Weird Al' Yankovic video? Okay, fine; Al is claiming he wrote his Doors-inspired ode to the online classifieds site before the Craigslist killer story broke, so we can't call him out for trying to capitalize on all the negative press. Still, there's no excuse for those leather pants, no matter how hilariously perfect the song is. [From: Spinner]

Twitter Down Time Rescheduled for Iranian Citizens

Twitter was scheduled for some down time yesterday for routine site maintenance, but, because of the importance of the service to communication during the protests in Iran, the micro-blogging site has rescheduled its maintenance for 2:00-to-3:00 p.m. PST today. First, that means you shouldn't freak out when you're unable to post about your lunch. More importantly, this means that the service outage will hit Iran in the middle of the night, when Twitter usage is often at its lowest. [From: Twitter]

Game Consoles the Most Popular Way to Get Streaming Video Into the Living Room
A new report from research firm In-Stat claims that the most popular way to get streaming content into the living room is through a video game console. The report claims that nearly 30-percent of U.S. console owners aged 25 to 34 use their machines to stream Internet video, and heralds the Web-to-TV industry as the next big thing in television distribution. (We've been hearing this since WebTV.) We've been singing the same tune since we streamed the Scrabble documentary 'Word Wars' from Netflix onto our Xbox 360. [From: DMW Media]

U.K. Police Uncover U.S. Sexual Abuse Online
While investigating online child pornography in the U.K., British police came across a woman from Maine who was allegedly broadcasting live sexual abuse of her small child over the Internet. U.K. investigators contacted the U.S. Embassy, and the woman was arrested. [From: Reuters]

SkySpark Electric Plane Sets Speed Record
Electric planes are neat concepts, no doubt. Typically, though, when you board a plane, you care less about gas (and being green) than you do about not crashing. After all, strapping large, heavy batteries to a plane and then expecting them to turn the propeller does take a good amount of confidence. All that being said, though, our appreciation for electric planes got a shot in the arm after we saw the Italian SkySpark. This electric plane just set a speed record for its class (155 mph) while being piloted by a European Space Agency astronaut. [From: AutoBlog Green]

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