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Update on Facebook Much? You Might Be a Jerk, Study Says

We all know dozens of people who feel it's necessary to use Facebook and Twitter to update the world about every tiny insignificant detail of their lives. As Christopher Muther of the Boston Globe discovered, the constant mindless updates are enough to make you come to a painful realization -- your friends, they're boring.

There is a reason that we jest about people updating their status with what they're eating for lunch: because everyone does it. And you know what? We couldn't care less about how great that sandwich was, or how you switched things up and got feta instead of cheddar in your omelet. Another painfully annoying trend that Mr. Muther spotted is constant updates regarding gym habits. We agree with him -- we're all very glad you've decided to get in shape, but the world does not need to know every time you run a mile on the treadmill.

Muther went as far as blocking several friends' updates on his Facebook news feed, and we've stopped following a few people on Twitter because, frankly, they annoy us.

Muther's conclusion that Twitter and Facebook turn us into a bunch of self absorbed narcissists was given the guilt trip by author Hal Niedzviecki, who wrote "The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors." Niedzvieki argues that our constant updates are actually anti-narcissistic attempts to reach out to others and return to a "more communal time."

He might be on to something with that theory, but it wasn't enough to convince Muther to re-add his blocked updaters, and we're not about to re-follow our annoying Twitter pals. Sorry mom, not even for Mother's Day. [From: Boston Globe, Via: FARK]

What Do Your Gadgets Say About You?

    What Does Your Tech Say About You?
    As makes sense in consumer societies, most folks in developed nations -- wittingly or not -- express themselves via the stuff they accumulate. Since technological goods have become increasingly pervasive, and affordable, it only makes sense that tech companies have begun to imbue their products with 'personalities' of their own. From your ride to your ringtone, your tech -- like it or not -- can expose aspects of your personality to others. Click through to see just what we're talking about.

    Your car
    Possibly the most widely recognized status symbol of the modern era, the automobile has been developed perhaps more than any other piece of machinery to appeal to certain personality types. A Mercedes, for instance, might give off the vibe that you are a high-roller, concerned with sophistication over flash. If you drive a Chevy, you're putting out that all-American vibe. And if you drive a Hummer? Well, you just suck.

    Your ringtone
    Downloadable ringtones have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, with even your cousin's pitiful emo band hawking their own via MySpace. Since the kinds of people who use ringtones are rarely the kinds of people to courteously set their phones to silent mode when in public, the whole world's perception of you could hinge on your ringtone selection. If you pick a Young Jeezy jam, you're probably the type of person who likes to get crunk. If you download a Barry Manilow ringtone, you're probably the type of person that downloads ringtones by accident.

    Your cell phone
    With smartphones pervading pockets and purses everywhere, the cell phone may soon replace the automobile as the most recognizable status symbol. While a BlackBerry gives off the vibe that you are all about business, an iPhone would suggest that you mix business and pleasure -- a technological mullet, of sorts. And as for those Luddites among us with older-gen, plain-old cell phones? Well, that says we'd rather buy months' worth of groceries than a telephone.

    Your preferred MP3 player bit rate
    A CNET report has broken down MP3 listeners into types, contingent on their bit rate preferences. Folks who listen to 128kbps probably use their MP3 players' included headphones. Those who subscribe to 256kbps are highly likely to use BitTorrent, but never Limewire. Lossless fans tend be Gen X-ers, while 320kbps-listeners tend to be part of Gen Y.

    Your Vista sidebar gadgets
    Since Vista's "gadgets" feature leaves some users perplexed, Windows Vista Magazine (that's right) offered a break-down of Vista user types last year. According to the article, those who leave the sidebar alone are "unadventurous" and might be "nervous." Folks who mess with the sidebar a little bit are "naturally curious," but also "flit between things." On the other hand, Vista users who fully take advantage of the sidebar are called "individuals" who "aren't afraid to try new things." It's almost as if Windows Vista Magazine wants you to pay for Windows Vista gadgets. Weird.

    Your gadgets, in general
    If you're a gadget lover, or what's called an 'early adopter,' research shows that you're probably an assertive person. The study, conducted by Nielsen Online and Mindset Media, also found that folks who rush to the store in order to buy the newest gadget tend to have strong leadership qualities. Oh, and they also tend to be condescending jerks.

    Your Mac
    If you're a Mac user, chances are high that you're also an early adopter, so it should be no surprise that, as the owner of a Mac, you are probably an arrogant, uptight kind of person. Of course, it's not all bad. The study in question, conducted at last year's Macworld conference, shows that Mac users also tend to be more open-minded. Unless it comes to PC-users, that is.

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