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Students Create $20 Prosthetic Leg -- and It Works!

Now that the technology for advanced prosthetic limbs is achievable, students at Stanford University are trying to make it actually attainable for the average person around the globe.

Students in the school's Biomedical Device Design and Evaluation program started the JaipurKnee Project, and challenged themselves to create a fully-functioning prosthetic leg that could be manufactured for a very low price. Clearly, they were successful, creating the above, fully-functioning appendage for just $20 in parts and production costs.

In order to improve upon the sorts of limbs currently used in developing countries, the team first studied high-end titanium knee joints, which cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. It then explored standard materials found in cheap prosthetics around the globe, and, eventually, came up with the design for a self-lubricating knee joint made from an oil-filled nylon polymer, significantly cutting production costs.

The team's main goal is to produce and distribute some 100,000 joints over the next three years -- hopefully for even less than the current price of $20 a pop. [From: DVICE]

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