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It's Alive: Actual Worm Crashes Man's Computer

Real Earthworm Causes Problems for Man's Computer
We've had no shortage of reports about worms lately, with the Conficker virus making its way into the core of computers around the world, spreading fear and hate, and even grounding a few planes along its way. Today, though, we present a story about a very different type of worm: a real, live, earthworm. Well, it was alive, before being killed by the heat inside a man's laptop.

Experiencing computer problems, 45-year-old Englishman Mark Taylor recently received a message stating that the cooling fan on his machine wasn't working correctly. He took it to a computer technician, who took a look inside and discovered the problem -- a five-inch earthworm that had crawled in through one of the cooling vents and, ultimately, jammed the fan. Taylor suspects that one of his cats brought the worm into the house, and that, looking for a warm hiding place, the worm made its way into the laptop. In the end, all it found was its doom, meaning that this is one worm we don't have to worry about spreading. [From: The Telegraph]

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