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Gmail Plagued With Frequent Outages Today

Gmail users worldwide suffered the agony of a service outage that lasted for about two-and-a-half hours, starting at 4:30 am EST today. Google's blog reports that both consumer and business accounts were affected, no doubt severely disrupting many in Europe, where the business day was just beginning.

According to Google, users in the UK and US who have enabled Gmail Lab's 'Offline' feature had access to their inbox during the outage, but could not send or receive mail. After Gmail service was restored, Google announced that its engineers were still investigating the root of the problem.

Which e-mail service do you use the most?
Gmail410 (25.0%)
Hotmail/MSN105 (6.4%)
Yahoo! Mail170 (10.4%)
AOL Mail849 (51.9%)
MobileMe19 (1.2%)
I don't use any of the above for my e-mail.84 (5.1%)

Millions of people use Google's usually stellar Web-based mail service, and outages like this will certainly call up questions about web-based applications' limitations in keeping you up and running. As more and more computing functions are available on "the cloud," properly backing up your data is as important as ever, perhaps even more so. [From: GoogleBlog]

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