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Beer Bong Gadget Turns Drinking to Game of Chance

We've heard that there are some folks who want to drink alcohol, but, for some reason or another, don't find drinking to be quite fun enough as it is. We're not sure who those people are, but they'll surely jump for joy when they lay eyes on the Russian Roulette Beer Bong.

The glorified, mechanized funnel asks a drinker to fill its reservoir with beer, place the tube in his or her mouth, spin a carousel of plastic handles shaped like beer bottles, and -- once they come to rest -- pull on one of them. At least one of those handles operates a valve that will, upon being opened, funnel two liters of beer down the surprised user's gullet. Or, it could be that the pulled handle is a dud, leaving the user with no beer at all. The idea is for the circle of would-be drinkers to repeat the process and pass the gadget to the next person in the circle.

Really, what happened to the old-fashioned way: Everybody having a beer and seeing who can drink it the fastest? [From: Urban Trend HK via Walyou]

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