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Women More Prone to ID Theft, Less Likely to Use New Tech

A recent study indicates that women are more likely to be victims of identity theft than men, Forbes reports.

Published this week, the study, which was conducted by Javelin Research, claims that women are 26-percent more likely to fall victim to identity theft. Last year saw 4.8-percent of women having their identity stolen, while only 3.8-percent of men were victims. In keeping with those figures, women were also less likely to discover theft promptly, averaging 83 days to spot the signs of theft to 45 days for guys.

James van Dyke, the President of Javelin, believes this gap can largely be explained by the differences in the general attitudes towards technology between the sexes. While men these days largely conduct their business online, women tend to both shop and bank at physical sites, thus opening themselves up for credit card theft and denying themselves more high-tech means of security and notification. At present, 23-percent of men have signed up for e-mail alerts and 8-percent get text alerts that notify them of suspicious transactions. For women, only 15-percent have opted for e-mail and 3-percent for the text alerts.

While these results are somewhat surprising, we only hope everyone makes sure their accounts and cards are secure, regardless of gender. [From: Forbes]

With the economy continuing to downslide, it's more important than ever to keep an eye on things. And, although men's numbers are slightly higher than those of women, they aren't high enough for our taste either. So, regardless of your sex, go sign up for those alerts, and keep a close eye on your bank statement and credit card. [From: Forbes]

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