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Driverless, Electric Taxis Set for UAE Debut

Driverless, Electric Taxis Set for Masdar City Debut
When you think United Arab Emirates, chances are you think oil, especially in the wake of last year's overwhelming gas prices. But, the area is trying to change its image by creating a gasoline-free town called Masdar City that will be a futuristic and environmentally-friendly destination. City planners recently unveiled plans for a new way for people to get where they're going: electric taxis that will lack drivers.

The streets of Masdar City are said to be entirely free of traditional cars, so these podcars will be the only way of getting around short of taking a train, riding a bike, or just walking. These cars, and the other means of transportation, will actually be situated below ground, and while they will have batteries, they'll run on a grid that will restrict the places they can travel somewhat. The idea is you'd swipe an access card, be greeted by name, and then be silently whisked away to your destination -- or close to it, at least.

The first cars are set to hit the subterranean roads sometime later this year, and, having survived many a harrowing trip with a human taxi driver, we can't wait to see them spread to other metropolitan areas. [From: DVICE]

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