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Telemarketers Fined $1.2 Million for Illegal Calls

Woohoo! It's really working! The government is getting almost $1.2 million from two telemarketing companies that violated the Do Not Call Rule. Take that, suckers.

Westgate and All In One Vacation Club now respectively owe $900,000 and $275,000, after repeatedly violating the Federal Trade Commission's rule against calling people on the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. Westgate bought the phone numbers from, where customers answered travel surveys without being informed they would be contacted by telemarketers. All In One got their numbers from vacation sweepstakes entries. Both companies then called people with offers of timeshares and vacation deals.

We're extremely happy that telemarketers are on notice, but we do wonder why the U.S. Treasury gets to keep all the money. We're really the ones who suffer, especially when our favorite TV shows are on. How about throwing a little something our way, Treasury? [From: NetworkWorld]

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