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iPhone 'Camerabag' App Recreates Classic Looks

We love our iPhones as much as anyone else, but we'd be lying if we said the included camera was up to our standards. Sure, it can take some decent pics, but that's not really a compliment, if you know what we mean. Actually, crappy phone pictures, in general, are pretty much the standard due to tiny sensors and cheap lenses. But at least on the iPhone, we can make them look much, much better.

Enter Camerabag by Nerve Center. This handy little app can recreate your iPhone photos to resemble those of different cameras, from a washed-out Helga image, to a faded 1974 photo. There's also settings for Lolo, Cinema, 1962, Mono, and Infrared. And just so you know, it always makes a copy, so your original photo remains untouched.

To be honest, we've been using this app since it was first released on the App Store many moons ago. It was definitely a little buggy at the start, but there have been regular updates, and the performance has improved significantly. In fact, it's without a doubt one of our most used photo apps on the iPhone. If you're looking for some great nostalgic effects that can actually make your iPhone photos look markedly better, three bucks is a small price to pay. [From: PSFK]

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