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Nigerian 419 Scammer Busted on Facebook Chat

Those tricky Nigerian scammers are at again. This time, they are impersonating people on Facebook, according to AlleyInsider, and (surprise, surprise) they're asking for money. The formula of their scam hasn't changed -- it just has a more personal twist these days.

While Facebook is pretty secure, hackers -- if they try hard enough -- can still hack into your account and get your info. Pay attention to how this scam works, and what it looks like. Below are excerpts from an actual online conversation between a Facebook member (and friend of AlleyInsider) and a scammer posing as an old friend in need. Evan is the actual member, while the Nigerian scam artist is posing as Calvin.
Calvin: hey
Evan: holy moly. what's up man?
Calvin: i need your help urgently
Evan: yes sir
Calvin: am stuck here in london
Evan: stuck?
Calvin: yes i came here for a vacation
Calvin: on my process coming back home i was robbed inside the hotel i loged in
Evan: ok so what do you need
Calvin: can you loan me $900 to get a return ticket back home and pay my hotel bills
Evan: sure thing man
Evan: ok one question
Calvin: are you sending it now?
Evan: what was the name of our high school mascot?
Evan: hello?
Evan: cal?
Calvin: Shawnee Mission Northwest High '01
Evan: what? i know
Calvin: it seems you dont to help
Evan: what of course i do want to help
Calvin: am in a hot sits here and you asking me silly question
Evan: what is hot sits
Calvin: am dead here
Evan: i hope you die there
good luck finding someone stupid
bye now

It is simple. If someone asks you for money, verify that he is who he claims to be. A simple phone call would probably help. [From: AlleyInsider]

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