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Man Fails Alcohol Test After Ice Cream Fools Breathalyzer

Certain ingredients do not mix well with driving. Alcohol, of course, comes to mind. And we all know that driving after a large turkey dinner and/or heroin injection can lead to trouble. There is, however, a secret killer out there. Its name? Ice cream.

Okay, it's not a killer, but it can cause you to test positive on a breathalyzer.

According to, an Australian man recently blames a failed breath test on a Bubble O' Bill ice cream bar (which is in the shape of a creepy clown/ circus murderer). The man, whose car was equipped with a breath test device (the car won't start if you fail), found his car refusing to start even though he had not had a single drink. After the man asked a court to remove the machine from his automobile, the judge demanded a test be done to verify his claims. Sure enough, after eating the ice cream, the man blew a 0.018! The judge then granted his wish and the device was removed.

So there you have it. Alcohol, heroin and ice cream: the three things you shouldn't touch before getting in a car.

Indulge safely, world. [From:]

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