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Teen Slaps Mom With Taco Over Xbox Squabble

Cretin Slaps Mom With Taco Over Xbox
You think you're awesome because you faked your own kidnapping for a Wii? Or because you hired a hitman to take out your parents after they took away your PlayStation? And you, the cretin who killed his mom over 'Halo,' you must think you're the freakin' man. Well, move over video game idiots, there is a new celebrity on the block.

Zachary Moir slapped his mom after she unplugged his Xbox. Slapped her right in the face -- with a taco!

Dena Moir tried calling her 19-year-old (that's right, 19) son down for dinner, and, as would be expected of a petulant 12-year-old (remember, he's 19), Zachary refused to come down because he was playing Xbox. Tired of the boy's 'tude, Dena went upstairs and unplugged his game.

Zach followed his mother downstairs and generally continued his whiny ways. Where did the taco slap happen? While in the kitchen, Dena tried to move Zach out of her way (as he continued to hurl insults at her), at which point he turned and smacked his mother in the face with a meat-filled tortilla.

Zach is now sitting in a jail cell -- getting slapped with a taco was the last straw. Dena told her local FOX News team in Orlando that he, "won't work, won't go to school. He's being rude and disrespectful. Pushing things to the limit as far as the violence... I thought he went too far so I called police..."

You know, we would have eaten that taco. If he didn't want it he didn't have to waste it like that. [From: Orlando Sentinel, Via: URLesque]

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