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Whoopi Goldberg Going Back to Sci-Fi -- on the Web

Whoopi Goldberg is going back to her roots. Her science fiction roots, that is.

The Oscar-winning actress and current host of 'The View' is starring in and producing a new online sci-fi thriller series called 'Stream' on FEARnet. FEARnet is a horror Web site and video-on-demand network. Goldberg had briefly retired as an actress, but the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' alum saw the chance to reach a new audience in a cutting-edge medium and jumped at the chance.

"The idea that you can be at work and check out a webisode tickles me because that is the future... I can reinvent my way of acting so that I challenge myself and see where it takes me for the second half of my life," she said.
In "Stream," Goldberg stars as Jody Quinn, a troubled woman at war with herself. The series comprises six five-minute episodes that detail three distinct periods in the woman's life. The first episode premieres January 15 on FEARnet.

Welcome back, Whoopi! [From: Reuters]

Famous Cyborgs

    Summer Glau plays 'Cameron,' a vaguely human 'Terminator' on the side of the good guys (or so we think).

    Don't forget, Darth Vader was once a regular human dude. Then he became sci-fi's most famous cyborg.

    Lindsay Wagner as 'The Bionic Woman,' in the original 1976 series about a cyborg secret agent.

    Tricia Helfer as a Cylon in TV's remake of 'Battlestar Galactica.'

    Lee Majors as Steve Austin, who is rebuilt into half man/half cyborg robot with super human strength in the 1970s TV show 'The Six Million Dollar Man." He'd probably cost a lot more these days, no?

    Evil Terminator from the future in 'Terminator 2.'

    Daryl Hannah plays a replicant in 1981's 'Blade Runner.'

    Jean-Luc PIcard as Locatus in TV's 'Star Trek: The Next Generation."

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