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Which Cell Phone Provider Has the Fewest Dropped Calls?

Dropped calls ruining your friendships, business relationships, and/or hairline?

In a rather unscientific (but perhaps telling) survey, research company ChangeWave asked 3,800 cell phone owners to estimate what percentage of their calls were dropped during the past 90 days. Verizon was the clear winner, with customers reporting an average of just 2.2-percent of their calls dropped; Sprint came in second with an average of 3.4-percent dropped calls reported, followed by AT&T with an average of 3.7-percent
, and lastly T-Mobile customers, who reported the most drops with 4-percent.

Again, not the most scientific study ever conducted, but the results pretty much fall in line with our own experience. Now, if only we could get the iPhone on Verizon. [From: BloggingStocks]

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