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Spam Levels Still Low After November Shut-Down

Spam Levels Still Low After November Shut-Down

A few months ago, the Federal Trade Commission worked to shut down the spammy behavior of one California-based ISP called McColo. The company was found to be hosting a number of so-called botnets (groups of computers that send e-mails and spread malicious software) that were responsible for a huge portion of the world's spam. When McColo was shut down, inboxes around the world breathed a sigh of relief. Now, two months later, spam levels have still not recovered.

According to virus-protection company McAfee, spam levels are still at only 60-percent what they were before the take-down in November. Meanwhile, Symantec is a bit more pessimistic, saying we're at 80-percent. Neither, however, is optimistic enough to say that spam levels will stay this low, with estimates indicating that by June or July we'll have just as much spam as before -- and likely more.

So, enjoy these halcyon days while you can, as they won't last for long. [From: ars technica]

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