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Earbuds Blooming in 2009 -- We Like These

As we made our way through this year's CES, we noticed that, in one way or another, the economic crisis seemed to be rearing its head in every booth. Between inflation and unemployment, it does seem silly to cover more extravagant items. In-ear headphones, or earbuds, were in large demand, though, which we attribute to folks wanting to buy inexpensive advancements that enable them to get more out of their current gadgets. With the immense popularity of the iPod and iPhone, we think that the fine selection of earbuds we found at CES will fit that bill quite well.

Maxell M&M's Ear Buds

Maxell will begin offering these M&M-shaped earbuds in February for the attractive price of $9.99. Although we didn't get a chance to try them out, we can only imagine that whatever they may lack in fidelity is more than justified by their generous cuteness. Be sure to heed that "Not candy!" disclaimer.

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