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Check Out These USB Breast Warmers

USB Warmers for Your Mammary Glands

So imagine this -- you're sitting at your desk. You decided to skip the bra, because it's summer and pretty warm out. But, of course, some jerk at the office has the AC blasting. It's probably about 50 degrees in the office, and now the girls are getting a bit chilly. So you open the bottom drawer of your desk, pull out your USB-powered breast warmers and slip them under your shirt...

Don't think you could see yourself slipping USB heating pads over your breasts?

Starting to think those USB mittens aren't so ridiculous? We thought we'd seen seen pretty much every USB-powered device imaginable in our time here at Switched -- lunch bags, mouse pads, even shawls. But just when we were certain we wouldn't be surprised by another silly USB peripheral, this comes along, proving us very, very wrong.

Well, at least they're not GPS panties or bras for men.

If you really must have these black heating pads, you can order them through this site for 1,980 Yen, or about $23. We hope you speak Japanese. [From: Boing Boing]

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