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Toilet Seat Weighs You Before and After Your Business

Have you ever come out of a rigorous session in the stall and said, "I feel like I've lost five pounds"? No? Well, have you ever been curious about how much weight you're actually losing after spending some quality time on the can? Still no, huh? Well, even if none of you will admit it, we know there's one person out there who cares -- artist Haikun Deng.

Dubbed "Light Girl," the toilet seat is aimed for women to be able to weigh themselves "in the private time and at the private place." So, why can't they just use a scale in their bathroom? Well, the artist explains, "As people tend to be lighter after using the toilet, it probably gives the most welcomed results to girls." Wow.

Really, we can't imagine any woman who's worried about her weight actually wanting this thing. It just seems, well, wrong. As a matter of fact, the only people we think might enjoy it are frat guys having a competition after a Taco Bell trip, if you know what we mean. [From: BoingBoing and Coroflot]

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