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Paris Hilton's Web Site Hacked, Distributing Viruses

If you're a Paris Hilton fan, you may want to avoid visiting the glam gal's site for a few days and go elsewhere to find out where she's been partying. Apparently, the starlet is a little loose with her Web security, leaving the site open to attack. Someone has taken advantage, turning into a distribution channel for viruses.

A visit to the site now shows a pop-up that installs a Trojan Horse onto your computer. Once installed, it runs in the background and can capture the information you enter (including information about your bank accounts) and can also turn your machine into a so-called "zombie" to turn around and attack other machines. Even worse news is that most virus scanners aren't even able to identify the trojan at this point, seeing it as just a normal application.

So, again, you'd better stick to the tabloids for the next few days! [From: PC World]

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