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Kid Kills Parent Over 'Halo 3'

Remember that kid who kidnapped himself over a Wii? Or the loony teen who tried to hire a hitman to take out his parents after they denied him his PlayStation? Well, Daniel Petric, of Ohio, went even further, actually shooting his parents after they tried to take away his copy of 'Halo 3.'

Petric's mother was killed, but his father survived and was on hand to see his son's insanity plea rejected. Petric now faces a possibility of life in prison without parole, at the young age of 17.

We're sure some jerk out there will try to lay blame at the feet of the game itself, as someone always does. But Petric is clearly a disturbed young man. After committing the grisly crime, he fled the scene, taking only his copy of 'Halo 3.' The item could have been anything, a treasured baseball card, a movie. What drove Petric to kill was not desensitization, or even addiction, but obsession. And in that respect 'Tetris,' may be the most dangerous game out there. [From: AOL News]

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