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HD Video Diving Masks Unveiled at CES

Reasonably Priced HD Video Dive Masks Unveiled at CES
We're not big divers over here at Switched, but we were still quite intrigued by the new line up of video recording dive masks from Liquid Image. The company is at CES this week showing off three new masks that can record high quality video at up to 330 feet below the surface.

The top of the line Pro HD350 doesn't have a price yet, but can record 720p HD video onto SD cards down to 330 feet and is expected to be available in the spring. One notch down the totem pole is the Scuba Series HD320, which is exactly the same as the 350 except it's only rated to 115 feet below. Both models will debut at the same time, with the HD320 selling for $215. Rounding out the lineup is the Video Mask 310, a 480p DVD-quality recorder mask that's waterproof to a depth of 33 feet, making it perfect for a that quick vacation dive or snorkeling expedition. Best of all, the Video Mask will only be $159 when it arrives in February, only slightly more than your average digital camcorder.

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