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Intel to Announce New Classmate Tablet

Intel To Announce New Classmate Tablet

While the OLPC crew is cutting staff and pay, and ASUS has decided to target higher end markets, the folks at Intel are cornering the market on cheap education focused PC's with their Classmate line of machines. We got a quick smattering of information on the new machine during the Kids@Play summit yesterday at CES.

While full details will be disclosed later, we do know that the new Classmate will be a convertible tablet-style machine with a touch screen that will not only recognize single finger presses, but also the palm presses of small clumsy children (which leads us to believe it may be multi-touch). It will also include an accelerometer that will automatically rotate the screen from portrait to landscape mode, just like an iPhone.

The Classmate will also most likely come packing the same Atom processor found in most netbooks and in Windows XP. Stay with us for more information.

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