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Palm Shows New Life With 'Pre' Smartphone

Palm Shows New Life with Pre Smartphone

We'll be honest: We weren't expecting much from Palm this year. The company has been struggling of late to establish its identity in a sea of comprehensive handsets from the likes of HTC and, of course, Apple. But, establishing a corporate identity is exactly what the Palm folks have done with the Pre, suddenly going from has-been to hot. The phone isn't exactly revolutionary with its vertical slider layout, which hides a QWERTY keypad, or the functionality provided by its multi-touch screen, but, from the time we spent with it today, we're in love.

The device is incredibly polished and everything from syncing contacts with Gmail to updating your Facebook status is perfectly integrated. The form-factor is simple and intuitive, and everything just feels "right." Check out Engadget's gallery of pictures and hands-on video to get an idea for why we're getting excited. Stay tuned for more information leading up to the device's release on Sprint sometime this year. [From: Engadget]

Introducing the Palm Pre

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