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25 Rules of Tech Etiquette

A solid 10-plus years into the mainstream use of cellphones, e-mail, texting and IM, and a half-decade into the phenomena of social-networking sites, we're still astounded on a daily basis at the unbelievably clumsy way some people communicate. While most of us have a pretty good idea how to behave in a civilized way in public, when it comes to electronic means of communication, an astounding number of us continue to act like the digital equivalent of cavemen (with no offense intended to the Geico fellas, naturally).

Certainly every new technology brings about uncertainty and a rough period, but honestly, folks, enough's enough. To help us all get along a little better, and prevent future heartache, we ask you to take a look at these 25 rules for electronic life, and then take a look in the mirror and tell that person to change his ways. And help us all out and pass these on to those who offend. By all means hit up the comments with any additions we missed.

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