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Jets Powered By Fruit Oils!? It's Not As Crazy As It Sounds...

Since not killing the environment has for some reason become popular (and marketable/profitable) in the past six months, every company is making headlines for experimenting with alternative fuels.

Take Air New Zealand: they just did a two hour test flight with a plane powered by a combination of regular gas and fruit oils. Fruit oils! The oils were derived from the Jatropha plant, a small, plum-like fruit that has become famous for specific chemical properties that allow it to be transformed into a power source. It is part of what scientists are calling "second-generation" biofuels. These fuels are a combination of a variety of plant sources and have a smaller carbon footprint than "first generation" biofuels like ethanol.

Let's hope that these PR test flights turn into a mass trend in all aspects of transportation. Photo/vid-ops aren't going to do us much good. [From:]

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