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New Study Reveals GPS Navigation Systems Often Give Poor Directions

British Automobile Association Recommends Caution while Using GPS
Do you have an in-car GPS navigation system? If so, do you find yourself relying on the thing a little too much? Maybe watching its LCD when you should instead be looking out the windshield? You're not alone, with a recent study from the British Automobile Association finding that 55-percent of GPS users find the devices distracting, and a similar number have been given poor directions.

Do you use a GPS unit in your car?
Yes15563 (70.3%)
No6476 (29.2%)
I'm not sure112 (0.5%)

The survey was among 7,380 U.K. motorists, among whom 40-percent have a satellite navigation system in their cars. Because of the poll's less than stellar findings, the association is recommending caution when people use the devices, lest you wind up adrift in a river, or playing chicken with a freight train. [From: Mail Online]

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