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Continental Passenger Tweets About Plane Crash on Twitter

Twitterer Tweets About Own Plane Crash

We've lately covered a number of interesting firsts on the Twitter site, including the first novel tweeted, the first NBA player to start posting, the first baby tweeting device, and the billionth tweet tweeted (a tweet, by the way, is the term for those little statements you send out to all your Twitter followers, which are generally just status updates about what you're doing at any given moment). This week, the site achieved another first: The first plane crash covered by a survivor on the site.

Site user Mike Wilson, who is known as 2drinksbehind on Twitter, posted the above picture and recounted his tale of the Continental 737 that veered off of a Denver runway and caught fire. At 5:25pm on the day of the crash, he posted "Holy f***ing s**t I wasbjust in a plane crash!" and, shortly after, "This was crash #2 for me. Maybe I should start taking the bus." He then continued to describe exactly what happened in the crash -- at least until the battery on his phone died. Thankfully neither Mike nor any other passenger was seriously injured in the crash or in the subsequent flames. It may be a small consolation, but Wilson seems to have definitely gained quite a few new Twitter followers out of the ordeal. [From: Silicon Alley Insider]

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