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Increasingly, US Households Going Cell Phone Only

More and More Americans Turning Cell Phone OnlyEarlier this year we reported that 16-percent of households have cut the tether; relying exclusively on cell phone service and canceling landline service altogether. We have a follow-up survey now, and perhaps unsurprisingly, that number continued to grow, now up to 17.5 percent.

One year ago that figure was 13.6 percent, showing a progressive rate of change among people eager to be rid of their corded phones -- and the bevy of fees and surcharges that come along with them. However, despite an impressive 30,000 households taking place in this poll, there's one important caveat that casts a bit of doubt over its accuracy: in the past, only households with landlines have been called. So, exactly how the pollsters can accurately say how many people had moved exclusively to wireless is anyone's guess. But, fear not, as the pollsters pledge to include more wireless-only households in future revisions. Hope you have plenty of minutes! [From: Reuters]

Do you still have a traditional landline phone?
Yes9123 (75.8%)
No2863 (23.8%)
I'm not sure48 (0.4%)

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