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The Most Ridiculous SkyMall Offerings of 2008

Anybody who has made the mistake of boarding an airplane without a book, laptop or armful of work has undoubtedly picked up the train wreck (or gold box, depending on your outlook) of a catalog known as SkyMall. Well, for those late shoppers that haven't spent any time in the air recently, the folks over at Urlesque have done the hard work for you, picking out the 'Best/Worst' of SkyMall's holiday gift offerings.

These gifts are perfect for that guy or gal who:
- Lives in a rainy place and has a large spouse or significant other who does not have the full use of his/her arms.
- Feels the need to let the dog peer, but not enter, into the neighbor's yard.
- Likes to shoot marshmallows at people and/or things.
- Are terminally lazy and cold.
That should all make sense once you peep the list. Happy shopping! [From: Urlesque]

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