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Keep Car Thieves Away in Style With Tesla Coil Force Field

One Australian devotee of inventor Nikola Tesla has designed an awe-inspiring, if impractical, burglar system for his automobile, MagHeap spotted on TeslaDownUnder.

Using his knowledge of Tesla coils, this fellow -- known only as Peter -- took it upon himself to rig up a crime deterrent system for a compact car.

His method for constructing the vehicular fortress demonstrated in the above video reads thusly:

There is a road projecting out the top of the TC and the sparks will come from the tip of the rod. If that rod is bent so that it nearly touches the ground it will spark to ground. If you rotate the rod around the car it will form sparks as it traces out a circle.

In the interest of having a comprehensively sci-fi-worthy package, we're hoping that Peter's prototype will be standard on the next generation of Tesla Roadsters. [From: TeslaDownUnder via MagHeap]

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