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Girl Accidentally Texts Dad With Sex Confession, or Did She?

Advice from Switched: Don't Text Your Dad About Losing Your Virginity
Okay, so we're 99.9 percent sure this a hoax, but the story simply won't die.

According to the tale circulating around the Inter-Webs with this photo, 18-year-old Elizabeth Frisinger, accidentally texted her father to brag about losing her virginity on a beach. Of course, 'Dad' wasn't very impressed -- you can see the alleged conversation above.

Have you ever accidentally sent an embarrassing text message to somebody?
Yes7339 (42.7%)
No9022 (52.4%)
I'm not sure844 (4.9%)

All that said, the story isn't all that far fetched. We've texted the wrong person more than once, even before picking up the iPhone with its IM-style threaded text messages. Fake or not, the moral of the story is clear -- before you send anything of a sensitive nature via SMS, make sure you're sending it to the right person. [From: BoingBoing]

Update: Alas, it's all a hoax. "Elizabeth Frisinger?" The image is actually of actress Janna Beth, as revealed on Zimbio.

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