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'Sexting' From Your Cell Phone Is Hot New Flirting Trend, Study Finds

Apparently teens taking risqué photos of themselves is turning into a full-on epidemic. Researchers from Teenage Research Unlimited have finally put some hard numbers to the anecdotes about teens getting themselves in trouble with revealing photos.

According to the study, commissioned by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and, 22-percent of teenage girls and 18-percent of boys have taken nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and sent them to someone or posted them online. And a third of young adults (20-26 years old) have done the same.

Young adults and teens view sending these photos and suggestive text messages as simple digital flirting. 39-percent of teens and 59-precent of those young adults say they've sent naughty texts a means of flirting.

Would you ever send a nude photo of yourself via text message
Yes7552 (22.6%)
No24482 (73.2%)
I'm not sure1389 (4.2%)

Often, however, these photos do not stay private. The statistics clearly indicate that such revealing photos are often shared, usually after a break up. Over a third of teenage boys and 40-percent of young men have reported receiving or seeing such private photos.

Even though 73-percent of those surveyed understood that sending revealing photos could have serious negative consequences, it seems like many are choosing to ignore the danger and share them anyway. [From: USA Today]

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