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McDonald's and Other Big Brands Used to Spread Computer Viruses

McDonald's and Other Familiar Brands Used for Viruses
Yeah, we know, it always seems like another day, another virus around these parts, but we feel it's our duty to keep you informed of any threats to your security (ID theft, computer viruses, etc). So, we hope you're paying attention to yet another warning of a nasty virus that uses some seriously deceitful means to trick you. The latest is a series of trojan viruses that show up in your e-mail in-box purporting to be coupons, but, in reality, are just another means to install malicious software.

As seen in the above picture, one of those says it's from McDonald's and is delivering you "FREE giveaways and AWESOME savings." Actually, all it's giving is a file that, if you run it, will give hackers control of your machine and access to your data. According to CNET, similar e-mails are appear to come from Coca-Cola and Hallmark as well -- the latter even including a goofy-looking holiday card! It, too, is just another delivery means for corrupt software. So, update that anti-viral software and, as always, watch where you click! [From: CNet News]

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