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At Last, US Folks Send More Text Messages Than Europeans

While text messaging continues to increase in popularity and generated revenue for cell providers, the average US texter sends twice as many messages per month than the average European subscriber, gleaned from the Washington Post's coverage of a Portio Research study.

Researchers at Portio project that the end of the year will see a revenue of $130 billion generated by text messaging and expect, by 2013, that number to reach $224 billion. Also featured in the report is the statistic that the country most taken with texting is the Philippines, with a Filipino texter averaging 755 messages per month.

No matter how you slice it, the increase in the popularity of texting in the US versus Europe is a milestone, especially considering how for many years the balance was quite the opposite. Throughout the late '90s, text-messaging was popular in Europe, while US folks barely used the service. This was due to most stateside carriers making it difficult to send messages to all phones outside of their own networks. But now that someone with a Sprint phone in Kansas can send a mobile message to an iPhone in Japan, for example, the United States has finally become a nation of texters.

The study also offered a glimpse of the future with its mobile e-mail statistics. Japanese folks -- always the heralds of tech trends to come -- are now communicating via mobile e-mail more than they are through text messaging. Maybe, by the time that trend makes its way stateside, Google will be better poised to profit from it. [From: Portio Research via Washington Post via]

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