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German Scientists Try to Clean Up 'Naked Scanners'

German Scientists Try to Clean Up Naked Scanner
Airports worldwide are starting to see new full-body scan machines that have the unfortunate side effect of revealing your goodies. Of course, the fact that security agents get an eye-full of your naughty bits has some privacy advocates concerned and has prevented them becoming common place in most countries.

Reuters reports that German scientists are looking to address some of these concerns. They've taken the scanners into the lab to see if they can produce an image with the private parts automatically blurred out. Critics of the highly detailed scanner dubbed it the "naked scanner," and are spearheading the effort to prove the scanner can effectively reveal weapons without producing an image of a passenger's naked body.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has previously defended the scanners, saying the images produced were family friendly enough to, "make the cover of Reader's Digest." After seeing the images, however, we can safely say that the only way 'Reader's Digest' would ever publish images from the scan is if they were purchased by 'Hustler.' [From: Reuters]

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