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Online Black Market Booms as Cyber Crime Becomes Stealthier

Today's generation of hackers is implementing stealthier methods of online theft, according to USA Today.

While, in past days, hackers would infiltrate a company's security system only to wreak havoc, leaving viruses and spam agents in their wake, they are now taking a fly-by-night approach. Increasingly, hackers slip through these systems, only to obtain pertinent information and, as best they can, leave no trace behind them. With this strategy, online pirates can continue to pillage an information source, without being found out.

Antivirus giant Symantec, in a recently released report, explains that these techniques have attributed to the online black market's recent boom; between July of last year and this past June, over $276 million worth of goods and information were hosted on these underground servers. The three most prevalently hosted among those illegal wares were credit cards' security numbers, primary numbers, and expiration dates.

Reports of heavy-duty cyber theft have poured in recently -- including the World Bank's recent admission of being hacked over a year ago -- and, from the looks of things, will continue to profit from the economy's suffering. Apparently, there is no honor among thieves, after all. [From: USA Today]

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