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US Army Spending $50M for Video Games to Train Soldiers for Combat

Officers in the US Army have invested $50 million toward the development of video games, and a gaming system, designed to train soldiers for combat, reports.

Starting in 2010, Army developers will implement this program, hoping to build on the success of the training game 'DARWARS Ambush.' Like 'Ambush,' these products will be available to the general public, although Lt. Col. Gary Stephens states that the Army neither expects nor intends to "become a competitor with the commercial gaming industry."

With the new platform and games, Army programmers hope to offer more life-like reproductions of battlefield scenarios, offering editable terrains, a greater capacity for multi-player action and larger battlefields. They intend that games will also be compatible with actual military communications equipment.

With the Army's recent embrace of vidcasts and robots, this news should not be a surprise to anybody, and should be a boon to civilian fans of military games. [From:]

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