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Teen Streams His Own Suicide Live on Web

19 Year Old Streams Suicide Live on InternetWe've covered no shortage of Internet-related suicides, particularly the epidemic of student deaths in Wales, but we haven't seen anything like this before. On Wednesday, 19-year-old Abraham K. Biggs chose to end his life with an overdose of pills, and also chose to stream his death live on -- apparently while being encouraged by members of the forum.

Viewers of the stream watched and commented until Biggs appeared to no longer be breathing, then called police. In the live video stream, police were seen to storm the house before covering the camera. Unfortunately, they were too late to save Biggs, who in his suicide note indicated "I hate myself and I hate living." While it seems Biggs was intent on taking his life, online or off, we're certainly hoping his choice of making it known doesn't start a new trend. [From: NewTeeVee]

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