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Obama Loads His Team With 'World of Warcraft' Fan and Bloggers

Despite the looming possibility that incoming president Barack Obama may have to give up e-mail, there is still strong expectation that an Obama administration will be sensitive to technology issues. One of those reasons is his continued appointment of people with deep connections to cyber culture.

Obama's latest appointment is Tom Daschle as head of Health and Human Services (we thought that job would have gone to Dean). Daschle is a former blogger, though he doesn't appear to have had much dedication to the idea of blogging -- the blog only reveals two entries about his travels through South Dakota.

Other appointees are much more active though. Peter Orszag, who has been tapped to head the Office of Management and Budget, is an avid blogger (though he keeps comments on his posts turned off). Heading up his FCC transition team are Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach, grizzled veterans of the Net Neutrality battle. Both keep active blogs, and Webach even gets down with Twitter. There is even good news for gamers: Werbach is very active on 'World of Warcraft.' He belongs to a pair of guilds in the virtual world that consist mainly of academics and the tech elite.

What exactly this means for the policy of the incoming administration remains to be seen, but we're sure they'll be much more sensitive to the needs the tech industry and netizens than the Bush administration has been. [From: Silicon Alley Insider, and GigaOm]

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