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Hands-On With the BlackBerry Storm (Video)

It's been an exciting year for anyone who wants to upgrade to a smart phone, what with the iPhone, the G1 "Google" phone, and, on Friday, the BlackBerry Storm for Verizon Wireless. At last, BlackBerry lovers and loyal Verizon Wireless subscribers who have been resisting the switch to an iPhone can boast their very own touchscreen-enabled handheld that's as much about fun (high-quality camera, stunning screen, media player, fun apps) as it is about business (excellent e-mail, document editing, Web access). The Storm will cost $199 with a two-year contract (you'll need to send in a $50 rebate, too).

But is the BlackBerry Storm fun enough to take on the iPhone, and will its incorporation of a touchscreen (albeit a moveable click-based one that you actually have to depress to in fact 'strike' a key) turn off those serious business (and heavy e-mailing) users? Well, we can't entirely answer that question, since we only had a day and a half with the thing, but we were able to get our first impressions down in the above video. We'll be back with more impressions in the coming days and weeks, since these newfangled smart phones have a tendency to either grow on you, or make you increasingly want to throw them out the window.

Once you're done watching our video, head on over to Engadget's in-depth review, where you can get more details on the first touchscreen BlackBerry ever.

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