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Snoop Dogg Talks BlackBerry With Martha Stewart

On a recent Martha Stewart Show appearance, Snoop Dogg spoke to Martha about his telecommunication tendencies, as shown in this YouTube clip.

At the clip's outset, Martha -- truly awkwardly -- reads a few of Snoop's e-mails aloud to the studio audience, eliciting quite a few laughs. We at home, though, rest assured, are cringing more than laughing. After questioning the D-O-double-G-Y about "Snoopguistics" and lecturing him on the permanence of e-mail, Martha asks Dizzle about his texting habits. Snoop confirms that he avidly texts on his trusty BlackBerry. Later on in the clip, they go on to share parenting strategies and mashed potato recipes.

For some reason, though, with all of her bantering, Martha never offers to exchange stories about their respective experiences in the clink. [From: YouTube]

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