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Law Enforcement Finally Catching Up With Online Scammers Worldwide

According to USA Today, hackers and phishers have a little less job security these days thanks to an FBI and Secret Service that are more focused and nimble in their efforts to crack down on Internet security scofflaws. Add in a little cooperation from foreign-based law enforcement from countries like Romania, Turkey and Germany, and the ne'er-do-wells of the 'net aren't netting as much pilfered "e-loot" as they'd like.

Online crime is an estimated $200 billion per year market, and during tough economic times the efforts of cyber criminals are expected to increase. The FBI and Secret Service though have made significant inroads during the last year into busting up some serious crime rings by getting indictments on some high-profile spammers and the folks behind the computer break-in of TJX and other companies. They say their success comes from better training for more agents who stalk the online scammers.

The international effort is also the result of better training and communication – and stiffer penalties for those who get caught.

"It's not a question of whether you will be caught, but when," Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer of MySpace, told USA Today. [Source: USA Today.]

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