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miBook Electronic Cookbook Offers Step-By-Step Video Recipes

miBook Drags Cookbooks Kicking and Sceaming into the 21st Century
Companies has been trying to dream up a "kitchen computer" for years. HP has been pitching itsTouchSmart as a cook-friendly information center, computers have been crammed into refrigerators, and we've even tried out the OLPC as a 21st-century replacement for the cookbook.

The problem is, all these items merely put words on a screen, and don't actually offer anything that a physical cookbook doesn't -- until now. The miBook (pronounced "my book," don't ask us) is dragging your culinary tomes into the modern era, and all without asking you to drop a month's rent on a new gadget. The miBook has a 7-inch screen for displaying video instructions to guide you through the creation of a meal and stops automatically after each step, giving you a chance to replay the action. So, if you don't know how to, say, chop peppers for some sort of dish, then you can just copy what the miBook's video shows you.

The miBook also offers "how-to" multimedia videos -- which come on a little SD memory card -- on gardening, home repairs, pregnancy, parenting, and travel. It's $130, though, which you'll presumably get back by saving money on all those cookbooks you won't have to buy (or so the theory goes....).

The miBook can even help you decide what to make, by asking a couple of questions. Tell it what your main ingredient is (chicken, beef, etc.), what cooking method you want to use (broil, braise, fry, etc.), and how long you have to prep and cook, and it will return a number of recipe suggestions.

The miBook comes packed with recipes from Food Network stars such as Rachael Ray, Robin Miller, and Bobby Flay. We have not heard any mention our favorite, Alton Brown, which might be a deal breaker.

HGTV, DIY, and Parents TV have also signed on to provide content on SD cards, which will cost $20 each. The miBook itself can be scored for $130 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, among other outlets. But we're bettering it can be scored for cheaper at the now defunct Circuit City and Linens-n-Things. [From: CNET]

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