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Woman Divorces Husband After Catching Him Cheating in 'Second Life'

It's safe to say most wives would be mad if they caught their husband having virtual sex in Second Life. When Amy Taylor caught her husband with another woman's avatar, the infidelity might as well have been real.

Taylor and her husband, David Pollard, are divorcing after three years of geekily wedded bliss after Pollard, described as a "jobless 40-year-old," was caught doing the online nasty with other Second Life women. The couple originally met in a chat room and moved in together after exchanging photos, emails, and calls. The 28-year-old Taylor actually caught Pollard having virtual sex only a few months after they started dating but they reconciled and got married, both in reality and in Second Life.

The couple spent hours together in the virtual world as "Laura Skye" and "Dave Barmy," but Taylor still suspected her husband was up to no good online so she hired a Second Life private detective to find out what was up. Eventually, Pollard admitted to chatting up an American woman for a few weeks and said the relationship was over. Taylor filed for divorce the next day, and found her case was the second Second Life-related split that week.

The divorce will be finalized next week and the former couple have already moved on to other people -- Pollard is engaged to the American woman, who he's never met in person, and Taylor is dating a man she met playing 'World Of Warcraft.' No joke. [Source: Sky News and The Telegraph]

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