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Teacher Suspended, Facing Dismissal for Facebook Comments

Teacher Suspended, Facing Dismissal for Facebook CommentsAnother day, another warning about the dangers of public Facebooking. We've seen how college applicants are getting shafted, as have seen other cases where employers are snooping at employees' profiles. Now we have a case of a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina who stands to lose her job thanks to comments and pictures posted on her Facebook profile.

The teacher, who remains unnamed, listed "teaching chitlins in the ghetto of Charlotte" in her Info section and, in the "About Me" section, said "I am teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte." As part of the school's investigation they also found some "suggestive" exchanges between teachers and photos of other teachers, also in "suggestive" poses.

It all sounds fairly tame to us, but given the position teachers hold in society, we can see where the school's superintendent is coming from. Regardless, it's yet another example of why you should make your profiles private. If you don't know how, just click on "Settings," then "Privacy Settings," then set everything to "Friend Only" if you want to be safe. [From: The State]

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