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Nigerian Scammers Hitting Up Facebook Users

Nigerian Scammers Using Social Networking SitesWe've covered the various Nigerian scams again and again, yet the hits keep coming as those crafty fraudsters come up with new ways to try to separate you from your cash illegally. The latest? Hijacking peoples' Facebook accounts and sending messages asking for money!

Karina Wells, an Aussie Google employee, received a Facebook message from a friend claiming that friend was trapped in (where else?) Nigeria and needed her to wire $500 so that they could get home. Thankfully, Wells didn't fall for it and, should you see something similar, make sure you don't either! That's not to say you shouldn't help friends in distress, just make sure that it's actually those friends before you start sending cash.

As far as Wells' case goes, she turned the case over to the authorities for investigation, but as these things usually go it's unlikely anything will come from it. [From: CNet News]

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